Laser hair removal

laser hair removal winter offer

If you are dreaming about smooth and glow skin or If you are tired of ingrown hair after
waxing procedure or shaving then laser hair removal is the right thing to do! At our
salon we have Alma Laser Soprano machine and we are very happy with the results we
see. So a “must to say” that this machine is very unique because it works with all skin
types and you can do laser hair removal all year long even summer time and even if you
just came back or going on vacation.

Painless laser hair removal

Also is very important to know that this procedure
at our salon is absolutely PAIN FREE even if you have sensitive skin. So, before the
first procedure it is better to shave unwanted hair on those parts of the body that you
wish to be done with the laser machine. After the first procedure we will schedule an
appointment in 3 weeks , after second in 4 weeks, after third in 5 weeks and so on and
so forth. Because every body and hair is different it is hard to say when you will see the
first result but mostly people see it after second procedure: hair is thinner and does not
grow so fast. You definitely will need at least six sessions to be done. After all you
would have to come for a quick maintain every 6 months or once per year (depending
on your hair type) to prolong the results.

And please do not believe to those specialists
who are promising results forever, that’s a myth because our hair follicles have
properties to recover , that’s why we always have to maintain the result. Laser hair
removal is not a cheap procedure since the machine by itself is expensive plus
sometimes it takes up to 3 hours to do a full body procedure. But we always have
specials and packages for our customers. For example for our new customers we have
a promotion running all year long which includes Brazilian bikini and under arms session
for only 130$. The procedure is done by a licensed cosmetologist who took training
classes with Alma Laser Soprano team as well. We are waiting for everyone who is
ready to reduce unwanted hair at our salon.

Get your appointment by calling us at 347-554-8108.

Laser hair removal price

Lip - $50 

Chin - $55 

Jaw Line - $70-80

Neck - $70-80

Full Face - $120 

Regular Bikini - $80 

Brazilian Bikini - $130 

Under Arm - $70 

Stomach Line - $60 

Stomach Full - $120-150

Nipples - $60 

Full Back - $300-450

Full Leg - $250-300

Lower Leg - $150 

Upper Leg - $180 

Full Arm - $150 

Lower Arm - $75 

Upper Arm - $90-120

Back - $200-250

Chest - $200-300

Hands & Fingers - $100 

Below Eyes - $50 

Buttocks - $170-200

Sideburns - $100-150

Side - $150 

Lower Back - $160