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hairdresser in Brooklyn NY

At Green planet salon and Spa located in Brooklyn, New York, we believe that the success of every business is granted only if you work with a professional team. At our salon, we have what people call a DREAM TEAM and we are very proud that each of our workers is part of it.

Our employees finished the best schools in Europe, Russia, and North America, and they continue to learn something new every day! We can proudly say that if you want to get the best haircut in Brooklyn or New York, you can get it at Green Planet salon.

Our best stylists will help you to choose a haircut style that will make you feel and look beautiful. As our hairdressers always follow the latest beauty trends they will help you to be in trend all the time, and of course, they will suggest the best products for your hair type. We do haircuts for women and men. So if you are looking for a modern haircut for men - Green Planet is the right closest salon too.

Haircut price

Hair cut 40-70$$

Kids hair cut /under 8y.o./ 30$

Blow-dry 35-65$$ (depending on hair length and density, on style)

Hot scissors haircut - 85$


Besides regular haircuts, we do hot scissors haircuts, which is a kind of haircut and hair treatment in one procedure. There are not many salons in New York, especially in Brooklyn can offer this procedure but here in Green Planet, you can get it for sure. So this haircut is done with hot scissors which are sealing dead ends and preventing hair from damaging more. This procedure can be done all the time when you feel that you need a haircut but do not want to cut your hair length. The price for it is only 85$ and it takes up to an hour and a half to be done.

If you are still looking for the best hairdresser in New York or Brooklyn please call us at 347-554-8108 or simply visit Green Planet salon for a free consultation.



1. How do I find the right hairstylist? 


Finding the right hairstylist is a very important point for many people who care about the quality and condition of their hair. Many hairdressers are offering different services, but using some simple principles can help find a good hairstylist. When looking for the right person pay attention to : 


  • workplace. Professional stylists usually work in a salon and have a nice hairdresser place and a large client base.  


  • a word of mouth. When you see a person with a great haircut, ask which stylist they go to. Your friends or colleagues know places and can recommend a good salon or a hairdesser.  


  • reputation and portfolio. Ideally, masters have photos of their work  



2. How much of a tip should you give your hairdresser? 


Some gratitude from customers to hairdressers is a sign of favour and sympathy. It is always a personal choice and there is no general rule for leaving a tip. However, it strengthens a friendship with the stylist and in return, you can expect some complementary services, such as some additional styling or creating beautiful curls.  


3. How often should you get long hair cut? 


The frequency of haircuts depends on the hair structure. Straight hair needs cut more often than curly hair. Healthy hair usually needs a haircut once in 6-10 weeks. For people with medium-wavy and curly hair, a haircut is required once in 2-3 months. To keep the shape of the hairstyle and maintain the same length, you need a haircut about once a month. 


4. What is the difference between a hairdresser and a stylist? 


A hairdresser is a person who works with hair, creating various haircuts, styling and engaged in curling, colouring and other procedures. A stylist is a broader specialist, that helps a person to create a new look with the help of a hairstyle, makeup, or properly selected outfits. 


5. What is the haircut for 2022? 


Today hair trends are very diverse. 2022 favourites are unusual shades and haircuts, or romantic styles noticed on many catwalks.

The most popular hair trends in 2022: 

  • graphic shades 
  • grey natural, noble silver colouring  
  • dark colours. 
  • sleek and shine, perfectly styled hair. 
  • shaggy, careless styling. 
  • classic bob styles 
  • light waves.  
  • smooth fringe on the side.