Hair Services

Hair Services

Keratin Treatments in Brooklyn

Have you considered keratin treatments in Brooklyn?

If you are looking for straighter hair, you should! There are many products and treatments designed to give you straighter, smoother hair. Most of them either damage your hair or only last for a very short period of time, or both. If you’re looking for long-lasting results that leave your hair smooth, straight, and healthy, you will want to learn more about keratin treatments in Brooklyn.

Read on to learn more about Green Planet Salon & Spa’s Keratin treatments, or if you would like to schedule an appointment, please give us a call at 347-554-8108.

Bio Waving in Brooklyn

Why are so many people choosing bio waving treatments in Brooklyn?

In the past, if you wanted to get curly hair your options were to either fire up the hair curler every morning, or to get a perm. While both of these options can be effective, they do have some major drawbacks. Hair curlers can burn and damage your hair, and it only lasts one day at the most. Perms may be long lasting, but they use harsh chemicals that can seriously damage your hair. 

Thanks to an Italian company, Mossa, there is now a better option. The bio waving products will leave your hair looking its best, and perfectly curled. This is all done without any ammonia or thioglycolic acid so it is much safer and easier to work with too! Bio waving in Brooklyn is very popular and provides our clients with the results they are looking for.

Read on to learn more about this treatment option, and give us a call at 347-554-8108 to speak with a stylist today.

Wedding Updo in Brooklyn

Do you have your wedding updo planned and scheduled for your Brooklyn wedding?

When planning a wedding you want to make sure that everything is absolutely perfect. This includes ensuring you look your absolute best. For many brides, this will include having their hair done by a professional who can give them the exact look they desire for the big day. If you are getting married in the Brooklyn area, Green Planet Salon & Spa is here to work with you. Our stylists have years of experience helping people with all their hair care needs, including great updo’s for weddings and other formal events. Don’t delay in making your wedding hair appointment, call us today at 347-554-8108, or read on to learn more about how we can help you on your big day.


Have you ever heard of the balayage hair treatment in Brooklyn?

Getting your hair colored is one of the most common cosmetic treatments that people have done in their lives. Whether you get your hair dyed at home, or you go to a professional, it can be a great way to change your look, boost confidence, and just try something different. While almost all types of hair dyes can change the color of your hair, most of them can’t give you natural looking results that can last for months at a time. Green Planet Salon & Spa offers the innovative Balayage hair coloring technique right here in Brooklyn. This hair coloring option is far superior to any other option on the market today in many ways.

Read on to learn more about this service, or call us at 347-554-8108 to schedule an appointment.

Nanomax hair treatment

If your hair is dry or damaged, the Nanomax hair treatment in Brooklyn may be the ideal solution. Most people today go through a number of different hair altering activities on a regular basis. Dying your hair, using heat treatments, and even just having hair out in the contaminated environment can all cause serious damage. Some products are able to cover up some of the damage in the hair, none can actually repair it so that it is strong and healthy on its own. Until now. The Nanomax treatment option is a revolutionary new product that has can help to reverse the damage that is done to the modern woman’s (or mans) hair.

Call 347-554-8108 to schedule an appointment in Brooklyn today.

Hair Lamination 

Hair lamination is a revolutionary hair treatment that is now available in Brooklyn. There are many products on the market that can help to repair damaged hair. When you go to the salon and have these products properly applied, they can really do a lot to help restore the beauty of your hair. While these options are excellent in some cases, the better solution is to avoid damaging your hair in the first place. This is possible today thanks to a process known as hair lamination. If you would like to try hair lamination in Brooklyn, Green Planet Salon & Spa is able to meet your needs. 

We have been offering this great service to our customers for quite a while now, and are very happy with the results. Our clients report that their hair stays stronger, they avoid split ends, and the feel of their hair remains nice and smooth far longer than would otherwise be possible.

Book your lamination appointment right here in Brooklyn by dialing 347-554-8108.



Price list for hair services at Green Planet salon and spa

Hair cut 40-70$

Hot scissors hair cut 80$

Kids hair cut /under 8y.o./ 30$

Blow dry 35-100$ (depending on hair length and density, on style)

Up do 80-200$

Wedding updo 80-200$ and up

Single color roots 70-80$

Single process color 100-160$ (depending on hair length and hair density)

Double process color 140$-220$$ (depending on type of color)

Hair lightening (color off) 120-800$ (depends on hair condition, desired level of lightening, hair length and density) 

Full head highlights/ roots/ full length 230-450$ (depends on hair length and density) 

Half head highlights 150-300$ /roots/ full length (depends on hair length and density) 

ProAddiction treatment/ Keratin treatment 300-580$ (depends on hair length and density)

BioWave/ perm/ Mossa 150-260$ (depends on hair length and density)

Hair treatment (reconstruction by Green Light):

B 3 complex 50$

Keratin intensive treatment by Paul Mitchell - 122$

Olaplex treatment - extra 25$ to any hair procedure

Nanomax hair treatment /1 session 150$

Nanomax hair treatment /package of 3/ 420$ 

Hair braiding 30-60$$ (depends on style and quantity of braids)

Hair lamination 100-150$ (depends on hair length and density)

Ombre 200-300$ (depends on hair density and desired color level)

Balayage 250-400$ (depends on hair density and desired color level)

Air Touch 350-800$ (depends on hair length and density)

Hand Touch 350-800$$ (depends on hair length and density)