Balayage and highlights on dark hair

Long gone are the days when the mention of the word "weave", recalled the head with bleached locks, because this way, went down in history as the "classic", receded into the background, giving way to modern technologies and materials. Never before have the highlights on dark hair been so beautiful, spectacular, varied, and safe. At present, it is bordered by the coloring and almost inseparable from the latter.


We can say that this is a partial weave, as carried out not over the entire length of hair, but only on its lower half, or at the tips. The most striking looks are in the graded short haircuts. However, the hair of medium length, too, can get a nice result, but it is not easy to do and the professionalism of the master here, nothing can replace. The style will look very dark, almost black hair, medium length, with bleached strands of varying thickness around the face. These strands should not be much, otherwise, it will be difficult to stay within the measures and debase the image.


Creates contrasting light and dark vertical stripes on the parting on the crown of the head along its entire length to the tips of the hair. This kind of highlighting used ultra strong dyes. Maintaining clear contrast bands requires careful daily styling. Highlights style looks great on medium-length haircuts with a ragged bottom and long hair. The image that it presents, is perfect for active women with strong character. Contrary to popular belief, it is too bright for brunette locks to look messy, beautiful will look very thin (about two to three millimeters thick) light strand from root to tip around the face. This arrangement will give the strands form a special tenderness and charm.

U.S. highlighting

This type of dyeing as if specially designed for brunettes and brown-haired women as it fits only them. Its essence is to create color highlights in her hair with the help of two or more similar colors, resulting in lively and natural-looking hair. A big plus of this is highlighting the fact that it enlarges the amount of hair. This is a fairly complicated procedure and carried out it is only in salons by trained and certified craftsmen.

Initially, the U.S. considered the so-called red highlighting, where the effect of glare was created exclusively with red hues. In a special case of the Americans, red highlighting is also only suitable for brunettes and brown hair. In the process of dying red coloring is carried out by one touch of deep red color, but the hair is bleached to varying degrees. The result is several shades of deep red, flashing in a dark mop of hair.

California highlighting

California highlighting can also be viewed as a special case of the U.S., except that the coloring technology. Carried out without the aid of the foil. Creates the effect of sun-bleached hair color stretching from the roots to the tips.

Crazy Colors

This kind of highlighting is more suitable for young and daring, as well as extravagant customers who love to be in the spotlight_ surprised_ even shocked. With the lightened strands of foil (usually one or two) and then stained with a special gel with harmless eccentric colors. Dark hair, such as the explosive hues of lemon yellow, violet, and emerald green, looks very impressive. Such a coloring dye distinguishes instability: the most optimistic projections retain their color saturation up to the sixth wash it, and then fade, and can significantly change the way their vehicle beyond recognition.