Hair dye without ammonia pregnant characteristics of hair coloring during pregnancy

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Hair color so many women. Manufacturers of hair dye is so trying to expand its product range so that any woman could choose for themselves the right shade of curls, and it is succeeding in these plans. But what to do with the roots grow back their native color, if one fine morning, a pregnancy test showed two bands - to continue painting or nine months, to refrain from this procedure?


Damage from hair dye


Despite assurances about the safety of producers on the basis of ammonia for pregnant women to use a similar paint "in the position of" fear, and rightly so. Yes, this tool will not harm the future of the baby, but its use may be dangerous to the mother. The reason is that the female body after conception begins to rapidly transform, hormones, fluid balance, the appointment of tissues and organs are subject to change. The structure of the hair also changes, and aggressive chemical dyes may harm them.


In addition, we can not exclude all sorts of allergic reactions, allergy attack and remove the usual sedatives will not - it's bad. That is why doctors do not advise to use ammonia-based paint at least in the first trimester, while changes in the body are especially rapidly, and ideally with the use of these funds to paint better to wait until the baby is born.

Means without ammonia - what's the difference?

Ammonia in the classic hair dyes do not want to paint. This chemical is necessary to change the dense and smooth structure of the hair column, allowing the dye pigments firm foothold. That's why this color is very persistent. However, damage to your hair with this procedure is very significant - the hair dry, become weak and brittle. That's why manufacturers have created another version of dye - dye with no ammonia. The best example of hair color without ammonium is INOA Loreal, you may use this procedure in our salon.


Such a substance is different dyes his hair. The pigments do not penetrate into the inner layers of hair, but only envelop him outside. More expensive and high-quality dyes can also contain substances that can reveal a little tight to each other hair scales, then they penetrate the pigments and color becomes more resistant to washout. The structure of the hair does not change, they remain healthy and beautiful. Manufacturers are also added to the composition of colors without ammonia other substances that are useful for hair dyes, so these are positioned as healthy, and even useful.


This is essentially due to excellent effect on hair professionals and pregnant women are advised to dye hair dye without ammonia. At the same time observed, and one more important rule - no ammonia fumes to breathe that expectant mothers in any case impossible. The disadvantage that these colors do not give too much lasting effect, with more than compensated for their safety, if necessary, the procedure can be repeated without fear for the health of your baby. However, the dye without ammonium are not suitable for women who have decided to drastically change its appearance: disguise of blonde or brunette in a bright-red, using such means sparing, it is impossible. Such experiments do better and to defer to the child's birth, because the result may be not as good as I dreamed, and negative emotions while carrying a child should be avoided.