Hair lamination procedure

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Lamination of hair is a procedure embodying the unique technology of reconstructing the structure of damaged hair. Unlike many other cosmetic manipulations, laminating hair allows for a long time to enjoy hair, pushing health and beauty. Lamination technique has long been known in Asia, in these countries first began to use hot and cold wax to give your hair perfectly straight line, and the hair a natural shine. Due to natural ingredients within the framework of these compounds, the women are famous for the extraordinary beauty of the East and the healthy appearance of their hair.

So what is a modern lamination hair?

The procedure for lamination of hair is to apply several protective layers of the hair, which creates the effect of film on the hair, through which active ingredients restore and moisturize the hair structure during the three or four weeks. Transparency film gradually becomes thinner and rinse. Laminating Hair has several variations, depending on the technology implementation and brand names used, it hair lamination, shielding hair, Brazilian hair straightening technique and some others.

Lamination process can be successfully combined with pre-coloring of hair, as in the lamination layers are substances that contribute to the activation of melanin, due to which the paint on the hair is not washed for a long time. The composition for lamination consists entirely of natural ingredients that excludes the use of acids, alkalis and including ammonium components. The main component of most of the bases for lamination are proteins that promote hair from the inside. Also in the layers are wetting agents, selected depending on skin type. The composition is obtained by laminating an absolutely transparent, as it were envelops each hair, smooths out the horny cells, thereby eliminating split ends. The composition has no color, no smell, it is absolutely safe for your scalp and hair.

Who shows the lamination of hair?

Lamination procedure can take absolutely any woman who takes care of health and beauty of their hair. But the greatest aesthetic effect will be a woman with damaged, dry, dull and split ends. Lamination will be a godsend for women who dream of the perfect flat and smooth hair with hair are not only smooth and silky, but also increases in the amount of ten to fifteen percent. In addition, the hair is extremely docile, easy to comb and style.Ideal for a trip to the sea, as the hair will be protected from exposure to sun, salt water, wet, dry and hot wind. In the rest do not have to spend a lot of time and effort on hair care and styling.


The procedure for lamination


Lamination of hair - a relatively new procedure, so questions on it there is usually enough.The procedure is simple: the hair is applied to a specific compound that acts within ten to fifteen minutes. Then it is washed off, and the effect remains for at least three weeks. It would seem very simple. But no, laminating several options: hot, cold, color, BIO-lamination. I must say that the only fundamental difference between hot and cold methods, because the difference in temperature is significant.


Indications and exceptions


Lamination shows all the hair. That is, there are exceptions, but they belong to the category of personal intolerance of a particular composition. In general, the benefits of lamination of hair is visible and immediately catches the eye long enough. The essence of the procedure is to create a special film on the hair, protective and nutritious at the same time. It should also be noted that due to the special composition of all the irregularities of hair - dry, damaged, brittle - filled and created a completely flat surface.Due to this effect hair looks much healthier after the first procedure lamination. This treatment of women and men with a brittle, dry hair and split ends with problem hair.Often, the hair color also leads to disastrous consequences. Lamination is subject absolutely any hair length, in fact, after such a procedure long hair becomes amazingly soft and easy flowing, which is unlikely to be achieved any other way. The same can be said for colored hair: special color lamination allows you to assign a color for a long time, making it simultaneously bright and deep.