History of laser hair removal

In ancient times, as before, dreamed of a beautiful silky smooth skin, and the presence of hair on the body of a girl was considered unaesthetic. But now much more efficient and painless way to remove the ancient Egyptians and volos.Pervonachalno Roman hair was removed with sharpened objects.

First there was the razor in the valley of the Nile to the testimony of archaeologists. Then, Nefertiti gave the girls a dense mass consisting of honey, wax and plant sap, which was applied to the areas to be hair removal. In the 4th century BC Egyptian queen hair removal was performed by slaves, cosmetologists that remove the hair on the body of Ms special forceps. This procedure is spend a lot of time and was only available in upper classes. It's no secret that the first hair removal has become a breakthrough in the history of cosmetology, but that the procedure was painless and quick, it took a long time. Roman women struggled with unwanted hair in the bath. When the skin to steam, reduced pain, pulling hairs from the sound around on a string.

This principle of hair removal still used in many of the thief-Braun household appliances. In ancient Russia was carried out with the hair removal wax and hot tar. This method was first introduced Olga. At present, the improved, modified the components of drugs and to develop certain conditions of the procedure, which does not allow you to burn your skin. The first wax strips were invented concubines and wives of the sultan Osman the first. Currently, waxing - one of the most effective and quickest ways available to control unwanted vegetation. At the end of the 19th century began to be conducted the first experiments with electrolysis. This method has now reached perfection, and allows for a long time to forget about all unwanted hairs.

It should be noted that the current electrolysis, as well as many years ago, different pain and unsuitability for sensitive areas of the body. The disadvantages of electrolysis include a large amount of time spent on the procedure. The end of the 20th century gave the ladies a laser hair removal. The method is based on the destruction of the hair with a laser beam. The target for the laser is melanin contained in each hair. Laser devices have been introduced about 15 years ago and is now modified to photoepilators who have no weaknesses elektroepilyatorov and applied to any color of skin and hair.

The latest rage is the enzymatic hair removal, which lies at the base of the action of enzymes. The special formulation is applied to the areas to be hair removal, after which the special bandages cover the drug. Heating, enzymes, protein structure have, begin to act by destroying the hair follicles. Those hairs that could not be removed by first carrying out the procedure, degenerate into a barely perceptible light guns. Currently there are both traditional and new-fangled methods of controlling unwanted vegetation.

Which one to choose a way to fight stubborn hairs - it's only you, but it is recommended to listen to the advice of a professional beautician. And after any method of hair removal using skin softening agents, to avoid irritation and reduce inflammation. Such compositions can be purchased at any cosmetic department