How much does it cost to color your hair

You have decided to change your hair color and to do hair dye? Fine! Now you are faced with a choice: do the coloring at home yourself or go to the salon. Let's consider both options, their advantages, and disadvantages and analyze how much each type of hair color costs.


How much do coloring cost at a salon?

If you decide to do highlights in the salon, then the The price depends on hair length, thickness of the hair and desired hair color or technique.

Highlighting can be made light, or you can make it abundant so that most of the hair will be lightened. If you choose other types of dying, the cost will depend on the complexity of the coloring. For example, ombre and balayage will be more difficult than highlighting, although it may be required fewer color dyes. 

On average, hair color will cost from $70 (root) to $800.

Look at the price of hair coloring


Of course, you will color your hair the way you want. But an experienced hair stylist can give you good advice on what color and shade will work best for you. Firstly, it is best to change the color not more than 2-3 shades from natural. Secondly, the color should fit your type, skin tone, eyes. If you are lightening your hair, then blond can be both warm and cold shades. In order not to be disappointed with the result, but rather to be delighted with the resulting color, ask a professional hairdresser to help you with the choice.


 The cost of dyeing short hair ranges from $100, and long hair up to $160. If you choose several colors and shades, the price will be even higher, on average from $20 per color, since it requires more color dyes and more complex work of the hair stylist.


The price, of course, depends on the salon level. It will be lower if cheaper color dyes are used. Expensive salons present exclusive hair care and products, home cosmetics. The experience of the hair dresser also affects the price. The more professional he is, the higher the price will be.


The average cost for highlights is $100. You can do less if you want a less noticeable effect or if you fear that you may not like the result. You will see the final color on several curls and if the result is as you expected, you can always go back to your hair stylist to color more strands.


The cost for full hair coloring also depends on the professionalism of the master, the complexity of coloring, and the number of necessary color dyes. 


Hair coloring at home

There is also a second option to dye your hair, saving money, without visiting the salon. You can change the color of your hair yourself at home by purchasing hair dye.


It should be noted that it will be more difficult to choose a hair shade on your own since you do not have the constant experience, and secondly, you will use a certain color without bleaching your hair. Depending on what color your natural hair is, the final color will differ from what is shown in the picture. If you have little experience, do not lighten your hair and do not use multiple colors, as this is a rather difficult job. Changing the color to a darker shade or one close to your natural color is a safer option. Always try to ensure that the new hair color does not differ from the current one by more than 2-3 shades. So you will not have unpleasant surprises and cardinal changes in appearance. More radical color change - a margin for errors.


Consider the shade type - warm, cold, and so on. Try to choose colder tones to avoid yellowness. Remember also that blond hair will need to be tinted regularly to maintain the desired shade.


The cost of paints for home use depends on the brand, try to choose high-quality cosmetics, and take good care of your hair after dyeing. On average, the cost of hair dye starts at $10, $20 is a common price segment, more expensive hair dyes cost $30-40.


Hair dyes for home use vary in duration. They can be short-term or permanent, when the effect will last for several months. But in any case, it will constantly be washed off, in addition, it will be necessary to tint the growing roots.


Whatever you pick up, the main thing is that you like the result, and your hair remains healthy and beautiful!