Hair coloring in salon

To get great hair color without ruining it, choose a good place carefully. Our Hair salon Brooklyn specializing in hair color services. Professional stylists will help you choose the right color.

 A hair colorist will select the color that suits you best, and your hair will remain healthy.  There are many types of coloring in our salon, and you can choose what you like or consult our colorist.
We will do any coloring you want:root touch up,double process color, full length color, or you can choose from various trends in hair coloring like balayage , airtouch, ombre, HandTouch.
If you have a desire to try something new, then take a closer look at the stains that are most fashionable now.


Several colors will be selected individually for you, the strands will differ in several shades, which will create the effect of volume and color overflow.


Ombre is a lightening technique that makes hair look sun-bleached. The roots remain in your natural color and the hair lightens towards the ends.


Highlights, hand touch and airtouch

Highlights coloring also creates the effect of sunburned hair, but the transition is softer than in ombre.

Air touch is a type of hair highlights, where colorist dyes the strands in several different shades close to natural.

 Hand touch is a technique similar to air touch, the dye is applied by the hand of hair specialist, the strands are wider because of this, and the overall tone is darker.

Any of our hair color experts will always help you understand the differences of these and other types of coloring and select the most suitable one, just visit our hair color salon.