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What are the benefits of waxing?

Unlike other types of hair removal, waxing provides the most lasting effect. When removing wax and hair removal is - hair pulled out by the root, so that subsequently reduced for longer. But the main advantage of professional hair removal wax - a gradual almost complete freedom from unwanted hair. At the regular removal of hair follicle activity is greatly reduced, hair growth is slow, and they are much thinner and softer than before. The question of "how to get rid of hair" is no longer particularly disturbed. There are cases where, after regular waxing the hair growth stopped completely. Finally, the obvious advantage of waxing - is its affordable price.

Is it true that this way of getting rid of the hair - the oldest?

It's true! The ancient Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, the beauty which is legendary and to this day, remove the hair on the body is using hot wax hair removal.

How is the procedure for removing hair and how much it hurts?

Beautician applied evenly to your skin cosmetic heated wax. For hands and feet warm wax is used, and for more sensitive areas, such as the face, underarms and bikini area - hot. Then the wax is covered with strips of cloth and remove each of them in one swift motion, directing the movement against the hair growth.

The skin is perfectly smooth and velvety, but for the sake of such an effect would have a little patience. However, in modern cosmetics are proven tools that can reduce pain from hot wax hair removal - for example, a special lubricant, which is applied directly to the skin before the procedure.

How long will the effect?

As a rule, to the procedure of hair removal by waxing lasts at least 2-3 weeks. If you do waxing on a regular basis, the duration of action might increase.

When waxing can hold?

Contraindications to waxing - diabetes, pronounced varicose veins, and the presence of sores on the skin. When waxing (including taking into account the factor of hot wax for hair removal) - do not touch the large moles or warts on the skin, although they are not a direct contraindication - a professional beautician will always be able to carefully waxing, without affecting the tumor.

Waxing is a treatment of hair removal that leaves the skin smooth and polished. Our special depilatory wax provides optimum efficiency and decreases skin irritation. Repeated waxing is recommended to diminish new growth.

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Full face$30
Full leg$60
Half leg$40
Under arm$10
Full arm$30
Half arm$15