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Professional make-up

Professional make-up is performed to highlight your beauty, features and shape of the face or on the contrary to correct them. In each professional photography a special role is not only a photographer but also a makeup artist, who performs professionally beautiful and trendy makeup. Photos of the celebration will last a lifetime, so it is always the result of high-quality photography is the work of a professional photographer and professional makeup artist. Think, if the photographer you are not advised to book a professional makeup artist. Make-up is performed, depending on its destination, whether it is bridal makeup, evening makeup, day makeup, makeup for the holidays (holiday makeup), fotomakiyazh etc. - The variety is great! And every kind of makeup is different.

Evening make-up

This is one of the main salon make-up, which is almost every day fulfills every girl, going to movies, theater, cafe or restaurant.

Evening make-up serves as the attraction to your face male and female natural eye. But only in order to assess your charming way, and try to solve your mystery.

Makeup is the art of beauty enhancement. Choosing the right colors for your complexion is the first step to bringing out the best in your natural beauty. The makeup artists at Green Planet Salon are always successful in guiding you to the newest collection of shades and colors that will make you look and feel beautiful. We offer make up application, make up lessons, and a make up kit that will help you look your best. Browse the makeup selections we offer below and give us a call to set up an appointment to look fantastic.

Make-up        makeup         make-up

Day make-up$60
Evening make-up$80

Make-up artist Viola 

Make UP and hair by Anna Krivonos