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Every girl, every woman, regardless of age, wants to be the most attractive, but in this case is not enough just to dream, to act ... In this matter need only think of Japanese geisha girls, who have always wanted to be the best and most beautiful for men. Japanese beauties were well aware that men are, above all, love the eyes, because to them she must appear in all its glory, and, as a rule, sophistication and originality of the girls started it with her eyes, with its lush and long lashes. Unfortunately, nature is not all women awarded luxurious lashes, but do not worry too soon, in fact, today there is a cosmetic service as eyelash extensions, which came to us from Japan.

Lash extension - is to make them longer and more dense, and eyes - expressive and passionate. Now it is not necessary from complexes because of its rare and delicate eyelashes, because they are in one moment can change their length, volume and direction for the better, thanks to modern technology (beams and poresnichno on Japanese technology and style into 3d, and t . etc.)

Even long ago, Japanese women came to the conclusion that the service has advantages, but modern technology makes these benefits even more explicit:

  • extended eyelashes make your eyes more beautiful, but look - irresistible;
  • so the lashes do not need to give three-dimensionality with mascara or other cosmetics, and therefore does not have to waste time on the embellishment, flushing, etc., as well as worry about potekshey mascara, if you were exposed to rain or uttered a tear;
  • procedure completely painless and safe for human health and family lashes, as the materials used does not cause allergic reactions;
  • This method is most effective with regard to visual changes in shape of the eye, if the need exists, for example, the different length of hair will make your eyes wide enough to be narrower, and vice versa.

If eyes are the windows to the soul, then GP`s Eyelash Extensions are the most stunning pearly gates to this heaven your eyes have ever seen! Eyelash Extensions can add dramatic volume and length to thin and short lashes and have been GP's specialty for many years. In a highly detailed process, extensions are adhered to individual lashes. The slightly curved eyelash extensions create a natural and full look and are perfect for those who are tired of using mascara and eyelash curlers.

EYELASHES               Eyelashes                eyelashes

Lashes Extension$150
Lashes Correction$75
Eye Brows Shaping$10
Eye Lash Tinting$10
Eye Brows Tinting$10